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 Before, During and After a Disaster

Planning Tools for Government/business


Hazard Mitigation Planning

Enlist EMCS to guide your State, Tribal, or Local officials in developing your mitigation plan to meet the requirements of the Stafford Act. The Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning guidance that EMCS provides on requirements and procedures will assist your agency in the approval and adoption of your Hazard Mitigation Plan. The core steps in the graphic below show the process in which EMCS will assist you in completion of your mitigation plan.

                                       Linked Mitigation Planning Overview

Business Continuity Planning

You have invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and resources to make your business you have a plan in place to survive a major man-made or natural disaster? According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, 25 percent of businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. EMCS Business Continuity experts can identify key elements, address the identified risks and plan for continuity of your business that will go a long way towards mitigating your losses and ensure your business won't be left in the dark in the event of a major catastrophe. The assistance EMCS provides will help enable your business to quickly recover from the worst.

Municipality Disaster Coordination

 EMCS offers fulfillment of responsibilities as a Disaster Management Area Coordinator (DMAC) through coordination with Area Cities in planning for preparedness, mitigation and recovery from emergencies/disasters. Let an EMCS staff member provide these duties for your area by drawing from experience as a Municipal Emergency Services Coordinator and First Responder.  

Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Design & Project Management

Does your EOC need a facelift or is your agency in need of a new EOC? EMCS staff members have experience in EOC design and construction project management. EMCS personnel will meet with your staff to identify technological needs which include server design, Emergency Management Software installation, customization and training as well as design and construction project management. Enlist EMCS experienced staff to coordinate and manage your EOC service needs. 

Emergency Operation Plan (EOP)

EMCS offers options in providing a complete EOP "cover to cover" or assistance and guidance to your agency representative in completing an EOP. An Emergency Operation Plan describes a comprehensive emergency management system which provides for a planned response to disaster situations associated with natural disasters, technological incidents, terrorism and nuclear-related incidents. It delineates operational concepts relating to various emergency situations, identifies components of the Emergency Management Organization, and describes the overall responsibilities for protecting life and property and assuring the overall well-being of the population. The plan also identifies the sources of outside support which might be provided (through mutual aid and specific statutory authorities) by other jurisdictions, state and federal agencies and the private sector.

Interim Fire Chief Services

Is your Department in need of an Interim Fire Chief? EMCS experienced staff can fullfill a temporary void in an Executive leadership role as an Interim Fire Chief.  Our selected team members have served as full time tenured Fire Chiefs and are available to serve at the pleasure of your Local Government Administrator. 

Background Investigation Services

After you make a conditional offer of employment to a potential new employee, please note that EMCS provides background investigations by experienced and Certified Public Safety Background Investigators. The process includes a cost effective, thorough and confidential process to your agency.  

GIS Specialist

EMCS GIS Specialists can assist your organization with identifying your GIS needs, configuration for your agency and training of your personnel. Enlist EMCS to achieve your GIS short term and long term goals.