• Readiness Assessment
  • Emergency Preparedness Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • Fire Service Training
  • EOC Design
  • Municipality Disaster Coordination
  • Interim Fire Chief Services

Our staff includes active and retired Public Safety Professionals who possess the knowledge and experience to assist you and your organization to prepare for natural or man-made disasters.


Emergency Management Consulting Solutions identified key areas for improvement. Our business continuity plan gives us the confidence we will make it through a local or regional disaster.”

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"EMCS delivered everything they promised. Our readiness level is at an all-time high!”



What we do

OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE Real life experience – let us share our wealth of knowledge. 

SEASONED PROfessionals

We identify your readiness by evaluating preparedness efforts, response reliability, and recovery potential after an event or incident. 

Once we have executive buy-in, we will oversee the implementation process from start to finish and provide training in a multitude of disciplines. 

Emergency Management Consulting Solutions monitors key performance Indicators at prescribed Intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

Emergency Management Consulting Solutions utilizes decades of public safety experience to assist local governments, schools and businesses prepare for planned and unplanned events.



IMPLEMENTation & Training


Who we are

​We are a privately owned corporation made up of Public Safety Professionals who provide Emergency Preparedness training, planning and confidence to organizations resulting in business continuity through difficult situations.